Time 2 Wonder: Churches and Schools

FACT works with Schools in Churches

Sessions for KS2 classes in local churches and sessions for KS1 classes in their own school that help reflect on BIG questions in life.

Faith Awareness in Schools and Churches

Time 2 Wonder poses two  big questions and
allows time, space and crafted materials to engage
with them. The questions are:

       Am I important?
        Am I special?

In a world where many struggle to confidently own
a positive answer to those questions, we seek to
offer opportunities for children to reflect and realise
that the answer can be yes.

Time to Wonder:   FACT works in churches with schools

Dates Available

Dates are arranged by mutual consent and availability of local churches and volunteers. Get in touch to start a conversation and let's see where we might end up!  

Cost of classes

Time 2 Wonder costs £140 per class. More than one class and one year group can attend as multiple sessions can be organised at the same church during the same week.

Normally, we hold one session in the morning and another in the afternoon.  

What to do next

If you would like to make further enquiries, make a provisional booking or a definite booking, get in touch so that arrangements can be confirmed with churches and volunteers.

Don’t lose out by leaving things too long as there is a first come first served policy.

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