Faith Activity Kit

Time 2 Share at Home is a box of delights to help you and others of any age in your household, of any faith and none, find opportunities to be still, wonder and pray.

A grateful mum says:

I have played Time to Share at Home with my daughter 9 1/2 years and my husband. It was a great time to reinforce at home our faith also to share a precious time together. A big thank you for you and your team. God bless you

Excited grandparents say:

We have been going through the box ready to show out grandsons next week.

They are a great idea.

Thank You

A sensitive dad says:

My wife and I did it with our 7 year old son who has ADHD.
He loved it and really enjoyed holding the cube and Felt and Blue Tac.
He really engaged with it.
It’s such a great resource.

2 Videos to choose from to help you understand Time to Share at Home

The first gives an overview and explains the thinking behind Time to Share at Home while the the second takes you through step by step how to use the Time to Share at Home box.

Time 2 Share at Home: box of delights!


Time to Share at Home is free.
Scan or tap the the QR code to make a Donation.

Whether you want 1 box or several simply fill in the Contact form to place your order and be kept in touch with developments.

This material is accessible to all ages and people of faith, little faith or no faith. So in any household, everyone can take part, experience opportunities to be still, wonder and pray if they so wish.
I suggest you make yourself familiar with the material and then gather with the people who live in your home and try it out.
Enclosed in the parcel is a cube that will lead you through each stage of your Time to Share at Home. Each side of the cube shows one of six stages: In, Wo, Do, Be, Hi and Go. They act as points to move through
your time together, allowing all ages the possibility of encountering and discovering God. There is a sheet
entitled ‘Wo Sheet’ to be used in conjunction with the cube, along with enough pieces of felt and small
pieces of ‘Blue Tac' for everyone in your home to share.

Each time you share together you use one of thedifferent sets of cards. They have 'Do' cards that help you do something together, 'Be' cards that help you pause to reflect and 'Hi' cards that offer a simple prayer that you can join in with if you so choose. You can repeat these sets of cards as often as you want. You may do a session with the same people each time or if you have visitors why not invite them to join in. Your time could be as brief as ten minutes but, on occasions, could take longer.

Be ready to be surprised at how something so simple can have such a big impact on you and those who share your home. Enjoy!


Time 2 Share at Home feedback


The time we set aside to sit together as a family, to play, discuss and
reflect while completing the ‘Time to Share’ tasks has become a very
important part of our week. The links back to faith keep us grounded
while the inclusive activities draw us all in. I definitely recommend other
families give it a go. Time well spent with loved ones!

Catherine Northam

It’s nice getting all ages of the family together, to listen and discuss
perspective views. I find it an enjoyable experience and a light-hearted
approach to participate with younger members of the family as there are plenty of activities to suit all.

Mary Deigham

Time to Share is very good. I like the DO cards; colouring or drawing and
then talking about them with my family.
My cousin Harry (aged 2) enjoys it too. He likes the blue-tac, soft cloth and prayers at the beginning.

Johnny (aged 5)

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