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Helping children to explore the Christian faith and Jesus Christ and reflect on life issues in ways that are relevant to their age and development.

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Faith Awareness in Children Team


28 years experience

FACT has been established since 1996, supporting faith development in local communities.
Simon Shutt, Director of Children's Ministry continues to head up FACT.


Share in Time 2 Worship Together

First launched in Sept 2021. It has been growing steadily during the year with over 8 churches experiencing this new way to worship. The new topics are all ready to go from Sept 2024


Time 2 Share at Home

FACT's Faith Activity Kit  has helped households living together to wonder, reflect and pray.
We are currently creating an app as well as updating the graphic art.


FACT is for ages 0-101

FACT works with Toddler Groups in churches and the local community. alongside churches to engage with households wishing to explore their faith. Age is but a number.

  • FACT is non-denominational with a long history of working with all main line Christian churches. Following our pioneering approach to partnering with churches we are now spearheading work amongst this current generation sometimes referred to as the ‘Mosaics’ or `Generation Z’. We are developing resources to aid churches with ‘Intergenerational Worship’ which is now becoming recognised as a more relevant way to worship than ‘Multi-Generational Worship’ which many churches currently use, often known as ‘All Age Worship’. 
  • The latest project to be rolled out is 'Time to Worship Together'. This monthly event hosted by local churches engages with stand-alone themes that relate to  the realities of daily life. All ages and abilities can take part as households or family units. More about Time 2 Worship Together
  • 2018 saw the development and trialling of the project called, ‘Time 2 Share at Home’. It is a faith activity kit that helps families of all shapes and sizes (and those who live with them!) to wonder, reflect and pray together. More about Time 2 Share at Home
  • FACT also works in Toddler Groups. Our purpose is to aid and nurture spiritual development and exploration.   More about Time 4 Toddlers

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