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On the cutting edge of childrens' ministry

Helping children to explore the Christian faith and Jesus Christ and reflect on life issues in ways that are relevant to their age and development.

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Faith Awareness in Children Team


22 years experience

FACT has been established since 1996, supporting Simon Shutt, Director of Childrens Ministry


Share in Time 2 Wonder

Over 1500 KS2 children in schools and churches have experienced Time 2 Wonder events in school and churches since 2011


Time 2 Share at Home

FACT's Faith Activity Kit has been much in demand during the lock downs of the Covid 19 pandemic. This box of surprises has helped households living together to wonder, reflect and pray


FACT is for ages 0-12

FACT works with pre-school groups in churches and the local community, and primary schools in partnership with churches

  • FACT is non-denominational with a long history of working with all main line Christian churches. Following our pioneering partnering scheme with churches we are now spearheading work amongst this current generation sometimes referred to as the ‘Mosaics’ or `Generation Z’. We are developing resources to aid churches with ‘Inter-Generational Worship’ which is now becoming recognised as a more relevant way to worship than ‘Multi-Generational Worship’ which many churches currently use, often known as ‘All Age Worship’. 
  • FACT has worked in primary schools since 1996 leading Collective Acts of Worship (Assemblies) and supporting their teaching of RE through classroom activity and inset-training opportunities for teachers. We have worked in over 25 schools, predominantly in Surrey and Middlesex but we also visit schools in Berkshire and Buckinghamshire.

    Over the years the number of schools has grown, so that today over 25 schools have contact with us, including Short Stay Schools, Hospital Education Centres and Special Needs Schools. We have researched, developed and pioneered the concept of ‘RE Days’ which have proved to be extremely popular with both children and staff as they are cross-curricular and multi-media. We offer Inset training for teachers, covering many areas that impact the life of a school far beyond the realm of RE. We have researched, developed and pioneered the unique concept of ‘Time to Wonder’, a joint venture between schools and churches.  More about Time 2 Wonder
  • FACT's most recent project called, ‘Time 2 Share at Home’ is a faith activity kit to help families of all shapes and sizes (and those who live with them!) to wonder, reflect and pray together. More about Time 2 Share at Home
  • FACT also works in pre-school settings including Parent & Toddler groups, nurseries and playgroups. Our purpose is  to aid and nurture spiritual development and exploration.   More about Time for Toddlers
  • For further information on any of these schemes and projects please get in touch to discuss how we might be able to aid you with the spiritual development of children. 

FACT is well structured for the work and ministry that we want to undertake. As a not-for-profit registered charity we have a good legal and accountable framework. There is a board of Trustees, gathered from the local Christian community, who meet regularly to oversee the work and ministry and to ensure that its charitable objectives are fulfilled.

There is currently only one employee, Simon Shutt, Director of Children’s Ministries, but a raft of trained volunteers who assist in the life of the charity. Some support the Time to Wonder project, other’s work in the office with material preparation and simple administrative roles, others use their specific skills to aid FACT at particular times or on specific occasions. 

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